“Many Dreams Come True…

… and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams, and a pocket full of gold” ~plant

Wow! What a journey! I am so thrilled, excited, humbled, and grateful to announce my very first gallery exhibition!

Between December 3, 2021 and January 31, 2022 I, along with my #1 inspirational artist Mom ~Janie McGinn <3, will be showing over two dozen original paintings in the Blue Wing Gallery in Woodland, CA!  Not more than a few years ago I would have never thought this was even remotely in my future.  I’ve been so blessed, in so many ways, and I feel blessed now to share this milestone with you.  YOU’RE INVITED to the opening night reception for mixing and mingling to come view all the amazing work my Mom and I have completed in recent months and beyond.

Exhibition Opening Night Reception: December 3, 2021
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Blue Wing Gallery
405 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695

Getting ready for this event has been a long time coming…. close friends and family will know that I originally thought this would be happening in 2020; but the pandemic just kept pushing things back.  That is until I recently heard from my Mom that we were on for the extended holiday two-month show.  Strangely, I immediately felt a bit of anxiety, wrestle-rhia if you will, when thinking about my portfolio.  I believe some of my work has changed and grown since early 2020… many of the pieces I was planning to show then are now sold… do I have a cohesive collection that demonstrates who I am as an artist?

Ultimately, I selected a mix from the early days as well as some of my most recent work, with a couple in-between.  If there were to be a marquee for my inaugural gallery showing, it would read “Dreams”.

Below are the pieces being shown in the gallery, along with a tidbit of info or commentary for each de moi, the artist’s point of view…

stringtheory 01

The first of five using my most recently applied technique… 20×16 acrylics on wood panel with a beautiful resin top-coat; mounted for hanging .5″ floating off the wall.



stringtheory 02

Identical to 01 in all ways, except not…



stringtheory 03

One of only two framed paintings in the show… the layers in the background on this one were added months apart!



stringtheory 04

Love, love, love the colors in this framed 22×19 canvas!



stringtheory 05

This one, on gallery wrapped 1.5″ canvas, rounds out the stringtheory set.  I’m very happy with this collection and really enjoy working this new technique.



midnight toker

So hard to show the beauty of these large, resin-covered mixed media pieces.  This one is 48×60!




This is my largest resin pour ever at 72×60!  That’s 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall, and super heavy!  I had to rent a van just to transport this to the gallery.  It is the show center-piece and is going to look sooo good in the front of the gallery!



Previously shown at Sacramento Fine Arts.  I was so glad to hear from Al that Sandy (Gallery owners) has a soft spot for turtles =)



untitled triptych

When I created this one I instantly knew it would one day be in a gallery… I can’t wait to see it professionally hung and lit in a space that provides for the experience it’s viewing deserves.



tidal surge

Finally I get to share this epic piece with the public… You HAVE to see this in person to view all the nuance!  It was slated for the back corner of the show and before I left dropping off everything it was moved to the front window!  Look for it as you cruise Main st.



i’m thinking

A very special piece to me <3




The one that started it all.  Not yet signed in the pic above, but this painting is the first ever I did sign; and it has been the staple of my brand ever since…



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