My Largest Installation


Today marks the last day of my inaugural gallery showing and I am thrilled to announce that I SOLD FIVE PIECES!  In fact, three of them went to a private collector who is filling a beautiful home within just a mile or two of osTRAnderART studios ground zero!

What a beautiful home and wonderful new client I visited today.  When I received the installation address I couldn’t believe it… we are practically neighbors!  And then I realized the elegance where “Brainstorm”, “Midnight Toker”, and “Tidal Surge” will spend their future days and nights… absolutely breathtaking!  See the pics below as I said one final good-bye this afternoon…

Brainstorm installed


Midnight Toker installed


Tidal Surge installed


If you have read any of my past posts then you know that this special show was a long time coming, and I debated what pieces to show together.  What I haven’t shared is that I was really curious to see how the collection would be received… which items would generate the most interest, possibly even sell?  I’m at a place in my growth that I have a few different styles and palettes that my work seems to fall into.  While this is awesome for experimenting, I’ve always wondered if it would be a sales and marketing Achilles heel… Should I maintain a consistent “style”?

I intend to use this showing as a litmus test for where I should focus going forward.  With the show over, the results are in… here is my lo-fi data analysis:

Every piece sold has an epoxy resin topcoat – This is easy to understand… the finish, the sparkle, the brilliance of color are all enhanced exponentially with resin on top.  And this jives with my most recent commissions, and two that I am awaiting to finish… all include epoxy resin.  You’ll see many more of these from me!

Both Brainstorm and Midnight Toker use a cracked enamel base – just like the very first happy accident in avalanche =). I knew soon after the effect was conceived on that fateful night in my garage that it was something unique.  I’ve never seen anything like it; everyone who views these pieces in person asks about it; it’s definitely a style I want to keep in my repertoire.

Lastly, keep it bold, fresh, and creative – whether sculpturesque as in tidal surge or the multi-dimensional layers of string theory series… I will continue to experiment with what I do know into areas that have not yet been explored.

Another focus of mine going forward is to make my art more accessible and available this year.  And the best way to do that is to be completely transparent with my current pricing for both new commissions and completed pieces alike.  So while I continue to build my portfolio and make all my art available for sale, if you are interested in a totally unique and original commission then you can run some easy math below to decide if osTRAnderART is the right value for you. =)

Please hit me up if you want to take advantage of this awesome pricing while it lasts!  I am only broadcasting the offer here, to you close friends who take the time to read about my journey on!  Thank you <3

Kickin’ Off 2022!

Any Sized 1.5″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Base and Colors$0.25 per square inch

Add Epoxy Resin$0.17 per square inch


Some example sizes and pricing…

Size            No Epoxy         With Epoxy

24 x 24          $144                 $242

24 x 36          $216                 $363

24 x 48          $288                 $484

30 x 40          $300                 $504

36 x 36          $324                 $544

36 x 48          $432                 $726

48 x 48          $576                 $968

48 x 60          $720              $1,210

Many more sizes available.  Want a wood panel or custom substrate?  Booze-balls? A surfboard? Let chat!

2 thoughts on “My Largest Installation”

  1. Janie says:

    Congratulations on a successful gallery showing and selling five pieces of art. Best to you in 2022 in accomplishing your dreams.

  2. Terri McKenna says:

    Visiting my friend in Folsom and saw your amazing art! I live in Chico and your art is like no other art I have seen. Thank you for making my weekend inspirational.

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