“orchestral beginnings”


there is energy…

where infinity isn’t, dimension from nothing creates everything

…in sound

“orchestral beginnings” was inspired by creation, enunciated in musical harmony.  The viewer is reduced into a Planck-scale glimpse on the formation of reality, before there was a horizon, shape, or time.


Hello 2023!  So go to be sharing new work again.  I’ve been busy experimenting and creating as you’ll see in the background of process pics below.  I used a few new processes creating this one.

24″ wide brush for the horizonless landscape


Finally enough space in the garage for some ninja swiping!


It was almost impossible getting the next step right!


What to cover, what to keep?

  Until it finds a better place, I think it looks great right here!

I’m soon taking a sabbatical right in the heart of art’s rebirth.  I look forward to what it may inspire! 

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“orchestral beginnings”

Date of Creation:January, 2023
Size:48″ x 48″

2 thoughts on ““orchestral beginnings””

  1. Pops says:

    Another original with energy and vision….. truly unique and very curious…. Continue creating!!!

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