Outside the Lines: Spotlight on Abstract Artists

Very honored to be featured in the latest Artist Spotlight for the May 2023 edition of Style Magazine!

A few weeks ago I received an email from a writer at Style Magazine about including me in an upcoming feature on local abstract artists.  Wow! What a complete surprise from out of the blue!

I was asked to respond to a few questions, provide some images of my work, and then to expect a call from the magazine photographer to schedule an appointment for photoshoot of me in my studio.


I waited for a sunny day, and waited… and finally got some high res photos together for a few pieces to submit… the three below were selected for publication.

(t-b) “Mad as Hell” ; “Overfed Long-Haired Leaping Gnome” ; “Wavey Daze”

Each of these are available for sale… contact me this month to celebrate their public debut in Style Magazine – only $420/ea! Includes delivery and installation in NorCal.



While the article has a few of my Q&A responses, below are the full list I submitted…


– How do you define “abstract art”?

Abstract art is the manifestation of artistic expression affecting and connecting the artist and viewer amid indeterministic imagery.


– How did you get your start as an artist?

Almost 10 years ago I was introduced to art as a mentally therapeutic activity to help me with challenges I was facing at the time. That experience encouraged me to pick up the brush a few years later when I completed a home remodel and had new, fresh walls to fill. With the support of my inner circle, my experiment led to a passion, led to sharing my passion publicly, led to exhibitions and sales, and just recently to my first award!


– What appeals to you about creating abstract art?



– What mediums do you work in?

Acrylic, enamel, & epoxy on canvas, panel, and other objects


– Where do you get your artistic inspiration?

I am particularly curious about life within the metaphysical universe, in its “quantumness” and its totality. I strive to bring these concepts into the visual realm and realization of anyone with likeminded curiosity.


– Describe your artistic process (particularly as it relates to your abstract art)?

50% planning; envisioning some novel concept, with a semblance of composition, color, and techniques to employ.

50% executing; solving the work with continued effort until the vision is fulfilled.

Then the piece is named.


– Do you create other types of art? If so, please share.

Sometimes I eat beans and I create f-art, but I’ve already shared too much.


– What do you wish more people understood about abstract art?

That you don’t need to understand abstract art; abstract art is not an understanding; it’s a feeling, an expression… energy being conveyed between the artist and onlooker, and no two experience this energy alike. I wish more people would understand that their abstract art experience is the art of abstraction.


Following a photoshoot in my studio all I could do was wait for the release.  They are out now!  Check you mail or visit a local retailer to get your copy.


See my updated Gallery with these works, and others, available for sale.

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Contact me directly for questions or if you want to talk.




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