“brainstorm II”


A most triumphant weekend ended with the installation of “brainstorm II” at my newest client’s home here in Northern California.  Just following the award winning “voluptuous” bidding closed, I received an email that connected me with a local collector interested in adding some of my work in their recently remodeled home.  Within a few hours, we conducted a FaceTime walk through my studio, they selected, and together we installed, brainstorm II, right in their front entry for all who enter to see!

This piece has seen some public exposure since it was created in March 2021.  In April 2021 brainstorm II was among five other large osTRAnderART originals on display on Sutter Street in the heart of Old Town Folsom.  With pandemic restrictions in effect, the local community in cooperation with the Folsom Arts Association, hosted the first ever ART HOP here in my home town.  I was so excited to share so many pieces together for all to see… to me this felt old school cool.  I was pursuing my passion and hustling as best as I knew how to share my passion with my little community, and the world.

Late last year, brainstorm II, was among a few of these and a few newer pieces that were on display in my first ever gallery exhibition.  Here I am posing in front of it on opening reception night with my co-exhibiter artist, and Mom <3

While brainstorm II didn’t sell on either of these two occasions I knew this piece was special and would one day soon finds it’s home.

My inspiration for brainstorm II came from watching a working artist who I follow out of UK, Ed Swarez @ Swarez Art.  I watch along many of Ed’s weekly livestreams and he did one very similar that I loved… so I did what most artist do; I took some education and applied my own know how to create!  Many props to Swarez Art =)

Here are a few pics of the process taken in the studio…

My process involved fluid acrylics and a trowel I used to “fling” color puddles laid along the horizon up into the white negative space and down into the depths of the black footer on all three canvases.  I remember thinking, “I am definitely using this technique more in the future!”, and I have!  I love the energetic and alive feel of the mixed colors that result from a flipping of the wrist.  The results are a unique and unreproducible statement, decided in a split-second and frozen in time for the onlooker to experience.  Much of my work lately takes on this concept of controlled chaos; a intentional composition that embraces randomness in a metaphysical space and perspective that is otherwise unobtainable to the human eye (whoa! that’s a mouth-full!=)

Thank you to my new found clients!  I look forward to many more osTRAnderART originals finding their way into your collection! <3



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