I just completed and delivered my latest commission “bufeo” to it’s new home. This technique was requested by my client; my first time giving it a go and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome!  And she is, too! ❤

When we got started I spent some time with with her in the room to discuss size, colors, and style.  I love gathering input on commissions and then using that input to create something unique and spectacular.  Even when it’s not a commission I will sometimes ask my family for input; a theme, colors, an art genre… anything that can be used as a catalyst for imagining a full composition.  In the case of bufeo, I was provided with the concept for a resin geode in a gold and white tone.  Upon leaving our planning session we actually had an adjacent wall in mind for hanging, but when it was complete and in the room it was the spot above the fireplace that really stood out!  See picture below for the beautiful addition to this room!

Creating bufeo required some planning and consideration… After purchasing all my materials I decided that I was going to create a smaller study piece for practice.

In the end, the process for these was accomplished in four stages… I would complete a stage on the practice piece, learn from it, and then move on to the large piece and complete the stage on it. As a result I got a TWO-fer from this work!

Below is “baby bufeo“…


I have learned that working with resin on large, pre-stretched canvas is tricky… avalanche took three pours to level because of all the sag in the middle; and I am planning to add 10 pounds of glass on top of that!  So, similar to the babushka dolls, I used three layers of smaller within smaller canvas as support to get my surface sturdy and level.  Notice, too, in the pictures below that I have built a dam around the edge using metallic tape, a technique I recently tried on cotton candy that you can see on the easel in the background! =)

Last step for the night, I formed the glass and crushed mirror shapes and angles using every bit of what was left from the 10lbs. On my study piece, I learned that the gold-colored resin surrounding the crushed glass was affected by clear run-off from the glass and I wanted to have the edge more defined… so, I decided to pour clear resin to lock in all the material first, and then I’d perform the main colored layer the next day.


Time for color!  I learned a lot from the study about how these specific colors interact.  Both are unique and I am so pleased with each at this stage!


Doing some research for this project, A LOT of research, I found dianka pours on youtube and her technique for adding pizzazz (my word) using glitter was mesmerizing! So, I gave it a go and pretty much followed the same process each time…. here is it is after stage 3… notice how reflective the epoxy surface is when it’s dry… that’s the reflection of my overhead fluorescent bulbs!


Last step was the metallic gold flare!  Practice made perfect here. Outlining the raised glitter adds “that pop!” and so much depth that you can see in the final work.

As I mentioned, upon delivery we had planned this for another wall… however, I think this spot above her fireplace it SPECTALUAR! =)  Thank you, Debbie, for helping me and entrusting me to create something beautiful for you! #4evergrateful 😉


3 thoughts on ““bufeo””

  1. Janie says:

    Another fabulous masterpiece! I love following your work.

  2. Charlene Bole says:

    Wow! Absolutely amazing. Thank you for explaining the process. Although I am not an artist, what you have created is fabulous! It must be in your DNA! Congratulations and thanks for sharing this piece of beauty!

  3. Sandy says:

    So cool! And each step photographed and described! Love your work and teaching!

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