Following my recent post just a few days ago featuring dark angel, catalyst, and interference I am so happy to have interference find a new home!

It was two weeks ago when I had a wildly productive weekend.  At one point I had six different works in my studio all drying in various stages. I just couldn’t stop working and so I kept grabbing a different piece and adding something to it… some of these are complete and others are still works in progress.  Here’s a picture I took in the studio that busy day…

Yes, you probably see that interestingly shaped on on the right… look out for future posts soon where I will announce the others as they roll off the assembly line!

Interference is a project with the goal of replicating effects by mixing enamel with acrylic mediums.  I’ve received a lot of demand based on this latest technique I’ve been developing… In fact, I actually picked up another commission from the same buyer of interference!  Truly amazing and so grateful to have an audience that is growing and loving what I am doing lately!  Thank you, Debbie, for your purchases and support!  I can’t wait to get the next one started!

For this piece, I purchased a good amount of the dark blue enamel from the same brand that I used for the white background in avalanche.  Again, my goal was to see if I could replicate the cracking effect, while maintaining the smooth color blends in the colorful, central graphic created using the Dutch-pour technique.  As it turns out, not all mediums are alike!  There was some very minimal cracking, but not very noticeable.  No worries though, because the mixing of enamel and acrylic still creates a beautiful lacing and cells in the composition that I love.  I previously posted some great detail shots of interference in my post a few days ago; click here to view and be sure to open up the thumbnails to see what I mean.

This new technique involves a lot of planning, but once I’m underway there really aren’t any “stages” when I would typically pause and take some progress photos.  The only other picture I have of this piece was right after I applied and blew out the paint, before applying the epoxy top coat.  See below…

I only applied one coat of resin on the surface… what I’ve experienced doing a few of these is that the weight of resin will pull the center of the canvas down causing the resin to slowly settle to the middle before completely drying.  Again, no worries… every learning experience is also an opportunity! I left this one alone with the single coat… the result is a very textured vignette surrounding the interference that is interference! =)

One last picture…  A great final shot that provides you all with the size (16″x40″) and impact of this awesome piece in it’s new home!


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