I will be showing two more of my works next month at the Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville, CA… with proper protocols for safe distancing, “eagles prey” and “sonic boom” will be featured in the upcoming gallery membership medley exhibition taking place from June 12th to July 25th.

The pictures below capture a milestone in my artistic journey… never before have I had the ‘obligation’ to sign art for public display.  I now have these two and one other, “socially distant”, that will soon be hanging for others to enjoy, and purchase! =) I chose to include “bloom” in my ‘signing party’ since it technically would have been signed already for the current show taking place (virtually) at the Harris Center.  Here they all are from different perspectives on my kitchen island.

Another first for me is framing my art.  You can see in the pics above that I mounted the 3/4 inch canvases in floater frames.  I think the low profile of these studio wraps are really enhanced with this frame style.  The larger 1.5 inch gallery wraps do fine hanging on the wall just as they are. 

I set the paintings up all at once on my island like this so I could envision signature placements and what single color would compliment each image well, all without distracting from the main subject matter and focal points of each piece. After a bit of trial and error with different brushes, pens, & paint mixtures on a work-in-progress experiment in my studio I arrived at my mix, color, brush, and application…

Ultimately I decided on a heavy body grey tone using a slightly damp liquitex brush.  The WIP I used for practice medium in the first pic is something I am playing with right now in the studio… I’m anxious to see if this ‘skin’ makes it to a finished work and how it may look by the time I am done trying new things with it.  

Well time to get to it…. no more thinking, just doing. I busted all four out in the order of their appearance below in just a couple minutes.


Below are what I hope to be the last pictures I have of these original works hanging in my home for just a few more weeks.  “eagles prey” and “sonic boom” are showing for sale between June-July in Roseville, CA at Blue Line Arts Gallery for the prices listed below.  “socially distant” will be up for auction live on KVIE in October. Please contact me directly if you are interested in “bloom” currently virtually showing at Harris Center for the Arts.

The Gallery immediately below shows some amazing effects on my show pieces up close and in detail.  Click an image to open large…




“eagles prey”

Date of Creation:2018
Size:36″ x 48″
Status:For Sale @ $650



“sonic boom”

Date of Creation:2018
Material:Canvas, framed
Size:13.5″ x 17.5″
Status:For Sale @ $250 (frame included)



Date of Creation:2019
Material:Canvas, framed
Size:17.5″ x 13.5″
Style:Abstract, figurative. landscape
Status:Available (frame included)




“socially distant”

Date of Creation:2020
Size:48″ x 48″
Style:Abstract, cubism
Status:Commissioned for Auction

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