“debating the line”


In a familiar setting we’re all experiencing today, “debating the line” is a time-capsule that challenges onlookers to question reality.

This piece is part of a series I call Pour with More.  About a year ago I started experimenting with fluid acrylics.  Some of the finished works in my Gallery are 100% fluid “pours” and hang on the walls in my home today.  Through trial and error I have learned that results of fluid mediums are very unpredictable.  The color blending is like no other means I’ve been able to achieve, absolutely incredible each and every time!  However, the composition can sometimes get lost, or could at least benefit from a little boost.  That’s where Pour with More comes into play.  With a little forethought, and by including various other techniques in the work, I can achieve some really remarkable outcomes!

“debating the line” is a piece that I started and then parked in my studio for a couple months.  I have several canvases in my studio that I just don’t feel are complete.  I try to leave them in plain view, rotating and rearranging every so often, so that I can repeatedly examine for the missing ingredients whist I go about whatever else it is I am working.  I knew this piece was going to ultimately leverage the natural three dimensional axes shown in the background, but I didn’t know to what scale.  The figures in the foreground are the perfect fit, grounding all the chaos into a very intentional and relatable experience.  The monochrome tones really set the mood for deep ponderance. I’ll definitely be looking to combine these techniques more in the future!

As with all my non-commissioned works, this piece is available for sale.  I have been asked by a few people about how to purchase a painting.  At this time, please contact me directly on my phone or by using the contact form on my website.  Soon I will be researching my web-hosting functionality for facilitating on-line sales, but I much prefer speaking with each of you directly.


“debating the line”

Date of Creation:May 17, 2020
Medium:Acrylic, Pouring Mediums
Size:24″ x 18″
Style:Abstract, Figurative


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