Gravitron 3.0

conspiracy theory


I created a style of using only the energy of gravity to lay down colors on canvas; this weekend I finished the third iteration, Gravitron 3.0.  My goal with this series is to achieve color harmony in a balanced composition over which I have little control.

In fact, the bright and energetic, multi-colored starburst I use for my portfolio cover is the go at v2.0.

gravitron 2.0

gravitron 2.0

I went on to create four works using v2.0.  Here they all are, including my recently completed piece from 3.0, “conspiracy theory”…


While I was pleased with the results from the first two machines, I wanted to reduce friction in my latest project.  Previously I relied on a cable and pulley wheel to guide my brush; for 3.0 the cable was replaced with a rigid pipe, and the pulley wheel replaced with an inverted bicycle wheel assembly.  Old v. new… 

For my new piece I decided to use some wisdom from Bob Burridge and his Goof-Proof color wheel.  If you follow Bob Blasts on YouTube you know that he suggests four colors in certain proportion and placement to achieve harmony and balance in abstract paintings. After consulting my artistic muse, she suggested I dominate with pink/fuchsia, which reveals the green, yellow and blue features and spice (many props to you, Bob!=).

I was ready to begin my first piece on v3.0.  The base pink color is the only mark made by my hands & it is mostly hidden by the 100% gravity-driven strokes that followed. I use just four brushes that you can make out in the pic above… a 6” roller, and then a thick free-style, 1” square-angle sash, and .5in flat brushes. I wanted my colors to blend as much as possible, meaning I had to either lay down my acrylic paints quickly, or very wet, or both.  In the end, the result was both, plus some solvent.  I applied many layers of colors using various brush types not so much as my plan, but as a necessity in order to manipulate the colors into proper locations and quantities, as only Bob B. would approve.  The results are fantastic!

This piece is certainly worthy of in-person observation to fully experience the nuance… until you should have such good fortune, I am providing a full series of pics below.  =) Enjoy, and thank you for your support!  

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“conspiracy theory”

Date of Creation:May 8, 2020
Size:24″ x 18″
Style:Abstract, Figurative

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