KVIE Art Auction 2020

I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted to participate in the KVIE Art Auction this year! My latest work, “socially distant” will be featured and made available for sale live on air in October, 2020.

Here is the picture I sent with my application…

socially distant

socially distant

This came together rather quickly; in the last 48 hours in fact.  After learning about the auction just two nights ago I went to the PBS site and read the Art Auction Handbook and submission requirements.  Just this morning I completed the application and about one hour ago I received confirmation of acceptance!

Here are the application questions and my responses…

Title: socially distant

Medium/Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: 48 inches x 48 inches

Suggested Retail Value: $480

Date Completed: March 28, 2020

Framing: No Frame Needed

What inspired the piece?  I like to explore new styles in my work. This piece was inspired by my son’s suggestion to create a painting using techniques popularized in the cubism movement.

Tell us about this piece’s origins: en plein air, studio work, from sketch, etc.  Being limited for subjects in my studio I placed my nearby open bottle of wine, half-full wine glass, and recently removed cork and corkscrew on a card table in the center of the room.  I began by pencil-sketching the observable lines and shapes from multiple angles and vantage points onto the canvas.

What makes this piece typical of your work?  My work typically involves bright colors, energetically applied with a variety of techniques.  This piece required a bit of structure in my approach but reveals the freedom I seek in textures and contrast, mixing abstract with realism.

Please share any additional information about the piece that you would like our on-air expert to discuss, i.e. meaning of the title, a muse, collaboration or influences, etc.  This piece was created during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place pandemic.  As I examined the completed work for a name, I recognized some of the figurative suggestions in the lines & shapes.  The themes that spoke to me were wine (obviously) and human disconnection.  The name “socially distant” is a twist on the prevailing social distancing context in existence throughout the world.

What materials did you use?  The sketch on canvas was drawn in colored pencil.  For the final image I used acrylic paint with a variety of brushes, palette knives, and straight edges.

Is this your usual medium? If not, please give us a history of your practice and tell us how your work has evolved over time.  To date I have only painted with acrylic paint and acrylic ink.

Please upload artist statement or resume


I will be sure to provide an update when I know the specific live airing date and time for my piece, “socially distant”.



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