”landscape” was my first large format acrylic painting on canvas. I had little expectation for much more than a great Sunday afternoon, painting. After all, I had only prior experimented with a 6-color set on nothing larger than 12” x 16″. One of those early, small pieces is a 9” x 12” recreation of an image that my wife likes. I added gold and magenta to my palette and created “prelandscape”. Here it is in it’s current location in my office.

The Inspiration for "landscape"

I was fortunate to capture pictures along my journey. The guiding inspiration behind “landscape” was to use layers and colors to create depth.

You can actually observe the day shift to night as I work away in my family room.

Creating this piece gave me the confidence and desire to create more. The date was Sunday, July 22, 2018.

“landscape” now hangs on the feature wall of that same room where it was created.

I experienced a loose rhythm with my brush, mixing my colors to different consistencies, and using big movements to lay it down.

This is the first piece that I ever signed, a logo memorialized in time…



Date of Creation:July 22, 2018
Size:36″ x 48″
Style:Abstract, Figurative

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