“fall leaves”

fall leaves


“fall leaves” is my first commissioned piece. A friend was moving into a new house and wanted something with the bright oranges and yellows of Autumn. She provided some example images and I chose to focus on one that had a balance of cool and warm tones. The goal was to create contrast between a cool, soft background and an energetic and vibrant subject in the foreground.

I completed the project on September 22, 2019; the night before the start of Fall. It was a two-night effort using large brushes for blending the transitions of the sky on Saturday night. On day two I got my palette knife and squeezed out a ton of paint, giving the leaves texture and depth.


I have already delivered this piece and so I don’t have any more pictures of it hanging on a wall or with detailed close-ups, but I will be sure to take some snapshots of it hanging in its new home next time I am there.

This is the pic I took just before delivery. As you will see in my Gallery, I don’t typically paint representations of “reality”. However, I really enjoyed working on this piece and am glad I did. Please let me know if you’d like me to bring my style for a creation in your home.


Thank you, Brenda, for your support! I am ready to start your “sister spring” piece whenever you are ready! =)



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