“paradise above”

paradise above


This is something that I have long been wanting to try and look forward to many more to come!  I watched several videos on-line for working with resin and have been sitting on a gallon of mix for two months.  Finally I pulled the trigger this past weekend and dove in.  It’s been curing for a few days and this evening I was able to take it out for a photo shoot.

Pictures simply don’t do this piece justice with all the depth and sparkles added. So instead I took a video which hopefully loads on my page as intended.  If not, I’ll follow-up with more pictures.  See video below…




I had a great experience designing and creating this one… and I learned a lot, too!

First step was the materials… I had to use MDF board (think particle board) for the backing as canvas would create too much sag in the middle under the weight of the resin. I chose to simply prime the board with white gesso, although I could’ve enhanced the color saturation a bit by also painting the board with similar colors as was used in the resin itself.  Both are great looks!  However, for this one I wanted to include some glitter in the water to create a shimmer and adding it on top of the white primer worked perfectly.

There are dozens of ways to color resin for pouring and I used a mix of pigments, inks, and acrylic paint.  This allowed the resin to maintain it’s translucence but also portray great depth.  The sand is actual sand I mixed into the resin… it’s a very, very white sand and so I added a bit of color to the strip of sand next to the water to give the land more definition and realistic definition.  Most of the examples I’ve seen online of beach scenes like this stop at these components; but I wanted to introduce a bit more so I added some broken glass to act as a rocky berm in front of some shrubbery and plant life.  The large green images have yellow highlights as the view from atop two palm trees existing in this paradise setting, and the smaller green patch has a splash of pink glitter sparkling  flowers.

I really enjoyed making this and I want to do more.  Do you like it?  Would this size fit in your space?  If not, what size and shape would you want?

UPDATE 9/14/2020 – I hung this in my bathroom and it’s FABULOUS!  Check it out!!!!

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